About us

The idea

In his younger years, founder Umut Yasar was a driven recruiter at a big corporate firm. The results were good, but the approach just didn’t fit. There must be another way, Umut thought.

In 2010 he began to call potential candidates and clients from his home address, in the name of Finest People. The focus was mediating highly trained and experienced sales and marketing professionals within the digital media and online market.

The only tools he had were his laptop and a phone. He made the website himself and used Excel voor his database. Since the budget didn’t let him get a proper printer at the time, he even printed the first invoices from the print-shack around the corner.

Finest People stands for a long term relationship with all stakeholders. Not only clients and candidates should profit from this approach, but also his colleagues. The approach contributes to the intrinsic motivation of the consultants, leading to the unique position that Finest People nowadays has.


The perfect match

It’s a waste for both parties if a lot of effort is invested in a relationship, from which you could tell in advance that it wouldn’t get you the desired result. We make sure that employers and employees with the right experience, quality and ambitions are brought together to aim for a long term relationship with all stakeholders.

We communicate very openly and stand for the best advice. In addition to that, our clients are always free to make their own choices. After all, it is about the desires and ambitions of the employee and employer.

Want to learn more about Finest People? Meet our team members or contact us via: +31 20 8200 676