Applying for a job is not something you do every day. However, it is part of one of the most important decisions in your life. We guide you in this process in an open manner, aiming for the long-term relationship with all parties involved. Here, we apply our fifteen years of successful experience in mediating permanent and temporary positions at start-ups as well as established organizations. We specialize in the following disciplines:


1Affiliate Marketing Finestpeople-icons-contentContent Marketing Finestpeople-icons1
Sales Online

Finestpeople-icons-email marketingE-mail Marketing

Finestpeople-icons-mediaplanningMedia Planning

Finestpeople-icons-mobileMobile Advertising



Finestpeople-icons3Search Marketing


Social Media Advertising


Web Analytics


What job are you looking for?

Finestpeople-icons4During a mediation process we will discuss your ideal job in depth, together with your long-term career goals. We will discuss the position you are looking for, your daily activities, desired work location, type of organization, career development opportunities, primary and secondary employment conditions and your private situation when relevant.


Finest People would like to gain insight in your previous career decisions together with your motivation to change jobs. By doing this, we try to understand as best as we can, in order to help you the best way possible. When needed, we guide and advice you in your career and improving your resume. Obviously, all information you share is confidential and will be treated as such. We handle your resume and personal information with care and inform you about relevant opportunities in the industry. We will only introduce your profile to our clients with your consent. As such, you will keep track of your applications at all time.


Guidance during the application processFinestpeople-icons9

“If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail”.  This quote also applies to any application process. We know the industry and our clients and use this knowledge to prepare you to rock your interview.


What happens after I start my dream job?Finestpeople-icons8

We stay in touch even after you started your new job. We help you during the first days at your new employer and stay approachable for future guidance.