Various companies experience highs and lows in the workload every year. The reasons behind this have several causes such as seasonal products or campagnes, holidays, maternity leave or not being able to find permanent staff. An unexpected period of under capacity can lead to far-reaching consequences, though the damage in the short term is often invisible. You can prevent damage by, for example the use of temporary (interim) staff members.

Permanent and interim employment go hand in hand. The lack of a permanent employee often leads to a peak in the workload. An inter professional temporarily covers the job of the former employee, while the search for a new permanent candidate proceeds. Once a new candidate for the permanent position is hired, the interim professional can train the new candidate to get him/her up to speed. This way, the temporary peak in the workload is covered and the company can further invest building on its fast team of permanent employees. We mediate interim professionals in the following disciplines:

1Affiliate Marketing Finestpeople-icons-contentContent Marketing Finestpeople-icons1
Sales Online

Finestpeople-icons-email marketingE-mail Marketing

Finestpeople-icons-mediaplanningMedia Planning

Finestpeople-icons-mobileMobile Advertising



Finestpeople-icons3Search Marketing


Social Media Advertising


Web Analytics

Finest People has built a premium network of interim professionals over the last years.  We have, besides successfully providing our clients with candidates for permanent roles, a proven track record of temporary challenges with excellence as well. We stand by our service and therefore you only pay when our services are successful. In this way, you increase the chance of hiring the right candidate while taking minimum risk. Would you like us to find you the suitable person for your job vacancy? Call us or send us an email.