Permanent Employment

Finest People has a team of recruitment specialists that each have experience and substantive knowledge within a specific discipline. This enables them to discuss and share new ideas and business opportunities, consequently providing you with employees who will drive your organization further. These disciplines are:

1Affiliate Marketing Finestpeople-icons-contentContent Marketing Finestpeople-icons1
Sales Online

Finestpeople-icons-email marketingE-mail Marketing

Finestpeople-icons-mediaplanningMedia Planning

Finestpeople-icons-mobileMobile Advertising



Finestpeople-icons3Search Marketing


Social Media Advertising


Web Analytics


The process

At first, we discuss the job vacancy in detail, until we know exactly what person you are looking for. Next, we will look for the most suitable candidates, who comply with the profile. All candidates that will be presented to you are informed about this beforehand. In addition, we will provide you with as much information as possible, which will allow you to make a thorough and well-founded decision whether the candidate fits with the pre-set profile.

Finestpeople-icons9Finest People guides you through the whole interview process and will plan the interviews for you. When desired, we can also provide you with advice to optimize the application process. After the interview, we will give you feedback from the candidate’s side. When you are satisfied with the candidate, we will guide you through the follow-up of the process: the hiring of the candidate.


Low riskFinestpeople-icons6

We stand by our service and therefore you only pay when our services are successful. In this way, you increase the chance of hiring the right candidate while taking little risk. Would you like us to find you the suitable person for your job vacancy? Call us or send us an email.