Disa Reyes

Meet Disa Reyes: Recruitment Consultant at Finest People. Disa graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a specialization in Marketing.

When you’re looking to strengthen your team with a Digital Marketing professional, or if you’re a Digital Marketing professional looking for a job, then you are at the right address.

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Disa Reyes

Recruitment Consultant

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Human Resources will always have a special place in my heart. And marrying these two business functions alongside sales seems like the perfect all-around job! Finest People is recruitment reimagined. I get to share my skills and success to individuals and organizations that aspire to be better versions of themselves. And I think being able to work with the eager and aspirational seems like a worthwhile job that creates value. Where everyone thrives together is the place to be. It’s all about learning new things everyday and striving for continuous improvement for myself, my stakeholders, and the business.