Lynne Arriola

Meet Lynne: Recruitment Consultant CRM, E-mail & Marketing Automation at Finest People Singapore.

Before joining Finest People, Lynne has been working positions in the area of business development, recruitment, sales and marketing.

Because her affinity with with the specialization we offer at Finest People, it was no surprise this turned out to be a great match.

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Lynne Arriola

Consultant CRM, E-mail & Marketing Automation

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I do freediving 2-3 weekends every month, and teach beginners who have the same interest as me. Because of my love for this beautiful sport, I advocate for marine conservation. This lead me to teaching Basic Marine Biodiversity and Conservation to interested individuals who are mostly travelers, ocean-lovers, tourists, and students. My second passion is gardening. In my free time I am building a collection of plants and setting up a small home-based shop!