Thomas Charlut

Thomas was born in Paris, where he also grew up. Having the opportunity to travel quite young, he collects a good number of visits to different countries, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Russia, Ireland, United States, Indonesia, he even lived for a while in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. You’ll understand Thomas likes to travel, and backpacking.

He has also developed a passion for music, but it is in the hospitality sector that he has studied. Attracted by the branch of digital marketing in his sector, it was during his experience in Amsterdam that he met Finest People, thanks to his apartment owner. He was the first employee of Finest People Paris and began to understand the digital world by expanding the network.

After a few months of good and loyal services and his creative side, he quickly evolved as Marketing Communication Manager and he is now taking care of the evolution of the Parisian subsidiary network, as well as its promotion.

Thomas Charlut

Junior Recruitment Specialist

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